Dynamic ground conditions

Posted on 23rd September 2021 at 8:34am

The onset of change from a benign, highly productive orebody to potentially damaging conditions of raveling rockmass, rockbursts and increased seismic activity can be sudden. Maintaining production targets throughout this transition can be challenging.

Global Mine Design Ltd has significant experience working within difficult ground conditions. Our solutions are always calculated on the basis of minimal risk to personnel, capital assets and ore reserves. Our approach increases confidence in the production team by enabling them to define where, when and why hazards exist.

GMD assists clients working in dynamic conditions by:

  • Re-designing ground support to withstand dynamic forces and displacements
  • Creating re-entry protocols for crews following significant seismic events
  • On-site training on the behaviour of active ground, and how both management and workers should respond to potentially damaging seismic events
  • Evaluating of seismic and other monitoring data to determine the ‘rockmass response to mining’
  • Adapting mine planning schedules to take advantage of data provided by ground monitoring systems

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