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Cookies are files that are saved on your device (phone, tablet, computer, etc.) when you visit a website. The Global Mine Design Ltd (GMD) website uses cookies in order to store information about how it is used, such as the name and order of pages viewed. 

We use only two types of cookies:

  • Essential – These always need to be on in order for the site to function correctly.
  • Analytics – We use the minimum number possible in order to improve the site functionality and user experience 

Note that the GMD website also uses forms that enable a user to willingly provide certain data. These forms do not use additional cookies; however, we encourage you to read GMD’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant Privacy Policy Statement for further information on how GMD stores personal and business data.

Essential cookies

In order for the GMD website to function correctly, the following cookies are used:


This is a unique and anonymous session ID cookie, which identifies how a user navigates around the GMD website. If you disable cookies completely for GMD via your browser, you may find that the website does not function as expected.


This cookie provides the means to let the GMD website know if the user continues to use the GMD website and are therefore happy to accept its cookies.


Provides the means of letting the GMD website know whether the user would like to hide the cookie notification message that appears on the screen on initially visiting the GMD website.

Analytics cookies

The GMD website has been integrated with Google Analytics in order to monitor the way in which users interact with the site contents. Our use and retention of analytics cookie data is based solely on our legitimated interest in understanding how we can continually improve how we engage with our customers. Analytics data is held for varying lengths of time, up to a maximum of 10 years, in case of disputes.

An overview of the cookies used by Google Analytics is provided below. 


Allows Google Analytics to determine which web browers you are using to view the website (e.g., Safari, Firefox, etc.)

_utmb and _utmc

Enables Google to keep track of each user session while on the GMD website. From this, Google can track the pages you have visited and the links selected while the user browses the site.


Used by Google Analytics to track and report custom information specified by GMD. This may include demographical information.


This cookie is used by the Google Website Optimiser. It is a tool that helps us establish the most effective design for the GMD website.


Lets Google know how you reached the GMD website – whether that be via a search engine, a direct link from another site, or an ad that links to the site.

Managing cookies

A user may disable or enable all cookies for this and other websites via their web browser settings. As the process varies between browsers, it is best to use the browser help files if assistance is required. 

Please note: Disabling all cookies via the browser settings may result in the GMD website not functioning correctly. We recommend that browser settings enable cookies. If further information on the GMD Website Use (“Cookie”) Policy is required, please contact privacy@globalminedesign.com.

Policy information

This policy is reviewed annually at a minimum. The review period is usually January. The GMD Website Use (“Cookie”) Policy is also available at https://globalminedesign.com.

The person responsible for the GMD Website Use (“Cookie”) Policy is Philip Earl, Technical Director.

Note that this is a controlled document. Electronic copies posted on the external company webpage, the internal company intranet, and at GMD office reception are the only controlled copies. Any other copies are not controlled and should not be relied upon.

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