Civil engineering

All of Global Mine Design's analytical design skills are transferable to the Civil Engineering industry. We have extensive experience working with project managers, consultants and contractors on a wider variety of surface and underground projects, Please click here for more information.

Dynamic ground conditions

Global Mine Design Ltd has proven experience managing and operating in dynamic ground conditons, gained from working at some of the deepest and highest stress mines in the world. Working under such conditions takes skill and discipline. Creating Safe Working Plans that protect personnel and assets safe is a trusted task that we take very seriously. Please click here for more details.

Rockmass response to mining

The regular occurrence of groundfalls, excavation damage around mining infrastructure, and stope overbreak issues often indicate that an orebody is not being mined to an optimised design. If left to develop without constraint, these conditions can significantly impact safety, production and the serviceability of mine infrastructure. Click here to learn how Global Mine Design Ltd produces mine plans that achieve production goals, and mitigate infrastructure risk by design.

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