This policy statement defines how Global Mine Design Ltd (GMD) collects and uses certain information (including any personal information) provided to us, in the course of operating our business. If you do not agree to the following policy, you may cancel your use of GMD products and/or or services (subject to termination clauses, where appropriate). 

How does GMD process data?

In accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we shall only use, or process data based on one of the following criteria:

a)  Consent

An individual or company representative has given us clear consent that they wish us to process their data for a specific purpose, such as asking us to provide a quotation or replying to an enquiry that they have sent us.

b)  Contract

An individual or company representative has entered a contract with us or have asked us to take specific steps before entering a contract. This also includes the renewal of services or changes to pricing information.

c)  Legal obligation

It is necessary for GMD to process data in order to comply with the law (not including contractual obligations). This includes such events as the police asking us to provide information or to make others aware of new legal obligations that may impact our provision of services

Note that we do not collect any information for which we do not have a legitimate interest and we do not sell or lease data in any form to third parties. The GMD webpage does not use any targeted advertising. 

Data Security

Data security is extremely important to us, and we have made significant investments to apply logical and reasonable administrative, physical, and managerial measures to safeguard all data held by GMD, including that of our own. Safeguards that we use include securing our networks and systems with up-to-date security mechanisms such as firewalls, intrusion detection monitoring, encryption, use of virtual private networks, anti-virus, and anti-ransomware software, and enabling automatic updates of our software and operating systems to help protect our devices from any software vulnerabilities.

Personal data breach notification

Despite our security systems, no measure can guarantee 100% security against loss, theft and unauthorized access, use and/or modification. In the unlikely event of a data security breach, we will notify all person and entities for whom we hold data, directly and without undue delay.

User information and rights

Any person has the right to contact us any time, either in writing, to request:

  • A copy of the personal information that we currently hold about them
  • Rectification of any incomplete or inaccurate information
  • Complete or partial erasure of their personal information
  • Processing of their personal information be restricted
  • Their data be passed to another business or organisation

Requests to delete and/or transfer of personal information are subject to any applicable legal and ethical reporting or document obligations imposed on us. 

For full details regarding user rights with regards to the Global Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), please visit and GMD is registered with the Information Commissioner’s office, with reference number ZA487668.

Website information that we collect automatically

Cookies are files that are saved on a user’s device (phone, tablet, computer, etc.) when visiting a website. The GMD website uses certain cookies that are necessary to enable the site to function. These cookies are set to “on” by default and may include security, network management and accessibility functions. The website user may adjust the use of these cookies by changing their browser settings, however, please be aware that doing so may affect website functionality.

Where additional Analytics cookies are used, then an option window will pop up to alert the user of the cookies that could be used. These cookies are selectable, and a user may turn “off” any cookies they do not agree with. If used, Analytics cookies will only collect information in a manner that does not directly identify the user. Further information relating to the use of GMD’s webpage is provided in the GMD Website Use (“Cookie”) Policy.

Information that is provided to us

When a person contacts us via our website contact form, or other means such as a telephone call, sending a direct email, or written correspondence, they have given us consent to respond for a specific purpose. The submitted information may be used internally within GMD in connection with this purpose. If we identify a need to pass their details on to an external party, we will not do so without first asking their permission. 

When completing website contact forms, users are asked to provide us with their name and email address. We also provide a space for a written message to add any other information appropriate to the enquiry. By submitting that information, the user consents to GMD holding that information, in accordance with this privacy policy.

The submitted information is then emailed to us and stored on our mail server allowing us to respond to the query. Once we have received the initial enquiry, we will aim to reply as soon as possible in order to best deal with the enquiry.

We generally keep emails we deem to be important and that allow us to work efficiently in dealing with any enquiry matters. We regularly review the contents of our mailboxes to remove any emails we no longer deem to be important for the effective running of our business. 

Email marketing & subscription information

Under the GDPR legislation, anyone choosing to subscribe to a marketing option that GMD offers has given us consent to contact them with marketing material that we produce. In relation to their marketing consent, we only intend to hold information relevant to the marketing purpose. This may include name, email address, job title (if relevant), subscription time & date, unsubscribe time & date.

We may use a third-party Email Marketing Service to send marketing material. Email marketing messages may also contain trackable contact, but only for the purpose of indicating the activity each subscriber made for that marketing campaign. The data recorded in such marketing campaigns may include times, dates, I.P. addresses, opens, clicks, forwards, geographic and demographic data. Any marketing messages sent will have an easily identifiable means to immediately withdraw your consent (unsubscribe) or manage your preferences and/or the information that we hold about you. Specific details will be provided in the message.

Specific contracted services and quotation information

For GMD to provide a written quotation to provide any potential or actual services, we will need to request the following information:

Contact’s name, their professional title, company name, company address, contact details (usually telephone number and email address), and VAT number (if applicable). Official documents may also require a representative’s signature.

This information is stored on our servers for as long as we deem necessary to be important for the effective running of our business. As with other provided data, we regularly review the contents of our data records to remove any information relating to quotations or provided services that we no longer deem necessary to retain. 

GMD always carries out contracted work under an agreement with specified Terms & Conditions. GMD standard Terms & Conditions are provided with our quotation and are deemed effective for the duration of the work, unless specific Terms & Conditions are mutually agreed prior to the contract being finalised. The final contract agreement will explicitly state how data will be stored as part of the work scope.


Should you have any queries relating to GMD’s Data Privacy Policy, please email us directly at or contact us at the UK office and ask to speak with the Privacy Controller.

Policy information

This policy is reviewed annually at a minimum. The review period is usually January. The GMD Data Privacy Policy is also available at

The person responsible for the GMD Data Privacy Policy is Philip Earl, Technical Director.

Note that this is a controlled document. Electronic copies posted on the external company webpage, the internal company intranet, and at GMD office reception are the only controlled copies. Any other copies are not controlled and should not be relied upon.

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